Friday, 23 March 2012

Show #4: Pet loss

Today on Hands & Tails we talk about different ways to commemorate a lost pet.

Steve and I talked to Paul Boddum, a Toronto based artist who does paintings of pets in memoriam (he does paintings of living dogs and cats, too!) We talked about "Pampered Puppy" in our segment, and how it is important to not only grieve, but to celebrate the life of animal who has moved on.

Another way to grieve is to talk to someone, and Dr Michael Meehan’s Pet Loss support hotline offers that type of resource for pet owners who want to remain anonymous, but have their feelings heard and legitimized. You can find the website here:
Lastly, Steve heads over to Cedar Down farm to talk to a couple on their story of acquiring a new pup after the loss of their older mutt… and how she’s training to become mega-mutt-ground-hog-killer. Here is their website:

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