Friday, 30 March 2012

Show #5: Wildlife and Basement snakes!

This Friday Steve and I did our second sort-of live show, it was very nervewracking for me (and not Steve, of course) as it was my first time using the mixer and more than 10 buttons on a machine sort of scare me.

Today's show revolves around wildlife: what do you do if you encounter woodland critters sitting on your couch and chillaxin'? You call the Toronto Wildlife centre, that's what. Of course, the types of measures taken vary, depending on the situation, wildlife species, and how comfortable you are with dealing with the special guest. I talk to Nathalie Karvonen, the executive director of TWC about this. Their website is

I also talk to Lauren Nurse (, a visual artist and gardener, about her experience with having basement snakes. Very Indiana Jones-esque, she describes.

We also share a bit of information gathered from the Toronto Zoo's website on how to build a hibernaculum (if you, like Lauren, have special guests in your basement!)

Photograph titled "George retreats" by Lauren (love it.)

Photograph titled "Baby boy"

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