Friday 4 May 2012

Show #10: Pigs (In There)

Today's show we talk to Anita and Gabriel form the Toronto Pig save, with Anita sharing her story with how she started the group, and its mission to provide glass walls in processing plants, and to "free all animals from the daily horrors of slaughterhouses". Anita invited me to attend a vigil that is held several times each week to bear witness to the pigs that are shipped to be slaughtered at Quality Meat Packing plant by Lakeshore and Strachan. Anita and I sit down to talk about the importance of art and how it can generate dialog as well as education/awareness about issues, particularly those around the production of meat from food animals. Their website can be found 

Volunteers of the Toronto Pig Save "bear witness" to the pigs being shipped to Quality Meat Packers plant in Toronto.


In our interview, Anita also talks about Sue Coe's works, which can be found at

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