Saturday, 28 April 2012

Show #9: Whalescapes & Giant Squids

Today we had a live phone interview with a friend Sean Mckee, former member of the Guelph/Bradford band Burn Planetarium He talks about his love for science and music, and playing a song about giant squids, undoubtedly influenced from his interest in sea creatures (he is a UoG grad from the Marine & Freshwater program). 

We also talk to Harri Palm, a radio programmer at CFRU as well - his music show "All Over the Map" which airs every Monday evening 7 to 8. Aside from being involved with radio, Harri is an avid and competitive sail boat racer, and additionally collaborated on the album "Whalescapes" with music group Interspecies at the Music Gallery back in 1977, in Toronto.


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