Friday, 6 April 2012

Show #6: Chickens

This week's show we talk about chickens, just in time for Easter! (I guess chicks would have been more pertinent, but same thing!)

We start the show off with Steve and I meticulously drawing chickens, and really, I had no idea what I was drawing as I was already very sleep deprived from the perils of studying for finals. But it was fun! Chickens are pretty easy to draw and everyone (even those who claim they are not artistically inclined) can still enjoy doodlin' some birds every now and then.

Charlotte (right) with her hand chicken.

I first talk with some friends from my class at the vet college - Charlotte Kuk and Chanelle Taylor about their experiences with drawing chickens for the Aeroplan/Vets without Borders initiative project (more information found here: Then I talk with Adam Little, who talks about the more "serious" side of the initiative.

Chanelle's chicken doodles.

Steve talks to Gwyn and Zach, a couple who own a backyard flock right here in Guelph. Steve also records their chickens, so that made for an interesting segment!

Then we hear from Nathan Carey, a farmer as well as an animator from Smiley Guy Studios. Some works from SGS are here: and one of Nathan's video is here:

Happy Good Chicken Friday, everyone!

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