Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Show #7: Birds (of the city sort and of prey)

Last Friday we had quite an interesting interview! Of birds and building collisions, raptor birds and a pigeon.

Firstly, I had a lovely conversation with Christine Walker, a teacher as well as MFA student at OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design). She talks to me about her "Fenestration" thesis project, and the importance of generating conversation with her works, and also educating the public mass about the effect of buildings have on bird collisions. If you are like me (prior to the interview, anyway), you'd think these things don't happen too often now - WRONG! A lot of buildings in Toronto still have large panes of clear glass windows, and this offers an optical illusion to the birds that fly right into them. FLAP, the organization Christine is involved with, documents these collisions and tries to save the birds if they are not dead from the collision. Their volunteer drivers would send them to the Toronto Wildlife Centre (incidentally, two shows back, we interviewed Nathalie Karvonen of the TWC - check it out!). Christine's works are below, and there are more on her website,

"Across Lake Ontario"

We also talk to Amy Fennell of the work that's done in the Mountsberg Conservation Centre, their website is here

Lastly, Steve chats up with David Caesar, with works here at Cornerstone in Guelph and is also represented in Toronto. David provides interesting insight on a few of his bird/animal related works, many of which are inspired from comics/cartoon representation, such as "We Burned the Forest Down", seen here. His website is

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